Our business partner:

Phone: +49 - 2203 - 69 51 38
Fax: +49 - 2203 - 69 51 93
Address: Hinter den Hoefen 11
D - 51147 Cologne

Company Profile

Foundation: 1995
Type of Company:  Private Company - e.K.
Proprietor: Sigrid Pinschke - General Manager
  Wolfgang Pinschke - Technical and Marketing Manager
Business Volume: Euro 2 Millions
Employees: 4

Business Activities:

  1. Marketing and Sales

    of oleochemical specialities on vegetable raw material basis for the Food and Pharma­ceutical Industry;

    Sole Agency of Stearinerie Dubois, Boulogne/France in the Federal Republic of Germany.

  2. Consulting

    in the following fields of application:

    • Fat Technology in general
    • Fat Crystallisation problems
    • Oiling-out problems
    • Substitution of Cocoa Butter
    • Function of mono-acid Triglycerides
    • Selection of Suppository Bases for the Pharmaceutical Industry
    • MCT-Oils in the manufacture of Food Products, Dietetics and Pharmaceuticals
    • Preparation of Release Agents for Confectionery and Bakery Goods
    • Preparation of aqueous emulsions as Release Agents and Lubricants in the Food Industry
    • Function of Food Emulsifiers in:
      • Bakery Goods and Pasta Products
      • Margarines and Shortenings
      • Chewing Sweets and Caramels
      • Chocolate Products and Chocolate Spreads
      • Nut Pastes including Tahina/Halawa
      • Ice Cream
      • Sausage Products
      • Dressings
    • Tabletting Aid in the manufacture of Comprimates and tablets
    • Anti-Foam Agents for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Low-temperature Lubricants for Food Machinery (Moulding Automates)
    • Tracers for marking EU-surplus Butter and animal by-products
    • Second-hand Machinery