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Sales Programme for the Food Industry

Glycerol Monostearates 45% and 60%

  • to prevent oiling-out problems of nut pastes and chocolate spreads
  • in the manufacture of halva, margarine, sausages, ice cream etc.

Molecular distilled Monoglycerides 90%

  • for the production of toffees and chewing sweets, bakery goods, pasta products, mashed potato products, ice cream etc.

Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters

  • for the manufacture of yeast-leavened bakery goods

Sodium- (SSL) and Calcium- (CSL) Stearoyllactylate

  • for the manufacture of yeast-leavened bakery goods
  • for the manufacture of fine bakery goods

Polglycerol Esters

  • for the preparation of aqueous tin greasing emulsions to be used in the bakery industry
  • for the manufacture of whip toppings

Polglycerol Polyricinoleate (PGPR)

  • as emulsifier combination to control the viscosity of liquid chocolate masses
  • to reduce the cocoa butter or fat content
  • to avoid air bubble formation during moulding

Sucrose Esters (Sugar Esters)

  • as multi-purpose emulsifiers in the food industry

Medium-chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT-OIL)

  • for the manufacture of tin greasing emulsions, as surface treatment oil for dried fruit and sugar confectionery, as carrier for flavours and fragrances, as fat basis for baby food

n-Heptanoic Acid Triglyceride Oil / Glycerol Triheptanoate (GTH)
(Enanthic Acid Triglyceride Oil, Trade Name: Special Oil 107)

  • as tracer/marker for EU-surplus butter and animal by-products as well as lubricant for low­-temperature applications

Stigmasterol min. 85%

  • as butter tracer (Butaris)

Omega-3-rich Hemp Oil

  • as fat additive for cholesterol reducing health foods such as margarines, special diet oils, shortenings, mayonnaise, dressings, snacks, dietary foods etc.

Overhauled second-hand machinery

  • for the chocolate and confectionery industry
  • for the food industry in general
    (with 6 months guaranty)